Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my feminism, my place in the world, and all the moments that came together to make me who I am today. While being aware of my privilege and the many things I had that others did not, I could not help but remember myself as someone who was always on the outside looking in. The closer I looked back at my childhood, the interactions I had, and the lessons I was taught the more I could not help but reflect on my life as a journey of revealing truths that had been twisted or concealed from me because of my place in the world. Simply put, the patriarchy has lied to me. It had groomed me, clouded my judgment, and limited my perceptions of the world: of love, life, and fulfillment. Once I discovered certain truths about myself and others I became obsessed with remembering the stories that led me here, the moments that radicalized me, and how my feminism freed me. Earlier this year I released a podcast episode titled The Top 10 Lies of Patriarchy. In this episode, my guest, Kim Nyajeka and I briefly explored all the lies we had been led to believe before we freed ourselves from the limited notions of womanhood and societal expectations. In 2022, we would like to pursue the publication of an anthology, with each story representing one of the lies of the Top Ten Lies of Patriarchy. 

Men are a good example of self-love. 

Domestic labor is not important 

Women should be nice. 

Women do not like each other.

Women are nurturing. 

Bisexuality is a Myth.

Marriage is for Women. 

Women bring sex and men bring money. 

Men can be Feminists. 

Beautiful women deserve more. 

We are currently calling for short story submissions from feminists across the world who would like to submit a story that speaks to the theme of one of the Top 10 Lies of Patriarchy named in The Feminist Bar Podcast Season 2 Episode Bonus. The submission can be in the form of short stories (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, and personal essays. This is currently a passion project we are pursuing in the hopes of creating strengthened solidarity and community. The word limit is 3500 words maximum.

CLICK HERE to make a submission.

DEADLINE 1 March 2022