Editor’s Note

Bringing Feminism and Freedom to Legal and Social Commentary.

When I started the Black Girl Legal Narrative I wanted one more feminist voice telling digital stories. I had a vision of taking social capital and turning into advocacy for transformation. The vision has not shifted, but it has certainly grown. Accordingly so. The vision of The Black Girl Legal Narrative had to grow, in order to tackle a crisis of this magnitude. Prejudices faced by women across sectors have been sidelined and dealt with in othered discussions. Narratives of women have been erased and rape culture has been consistently perpetuated.

Through harmful cultural practices, religion, political discourse and economic collapse, women have been cornered into an inefficient formal justice system. The operation of patriarchy off the street and behind closed doors, means that women
are rarely fully protected by the law or other policies in place. Access to Justice is affected, and so is access to Healthcare, Law Enforcement Services, Education , Economic Freedom. The treatment of Zimbabwean women has left it indubitably clear that their bodies are not valued and their identities are unrecognized. The Black Girl Legal Narrative aims to bring onto one platform, information that will capacitate women to make informed decisions in their legal, political and financial endeavors.

My feminism looks like:

informed decisions
bodily autonomy
substantive justice
the promotion of women’s authentic lived experiences.

The perspective of women is important in decisions that affect them, and stories that are told about them. Documentation is the first step towards a gender sensitive system that allows freedom to all, and gives women back their lives.